So yesterday morning (in the US) this little thing showed up :

KB tweet

The link takes you to a website specializing in donations for  specific causes or project. This one is the Veronica Mars Movie Project. For 6 years, us fans have been waiting and trying to push the WB to back this movie. We wanted Veronica Mars to have a decent ending, but hte WB didn’t believe in this project. Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars) & Rob Thomas (Creator of the show) didn’t lose hope and kept trying. After years of negociation, the WB finally admitted to a one shot deal : if Rob & Kristen could rally enough fans to fund the shooting (=$2,000,000), the studio would back it up with promotion and such. They had one month to do it, if they failed the movie would never happen, end of story.

This fundraising broke the website’s records ! Within 4 and half hours they made their first million dollars, the goal of 2 millions dollars was reached shortly after. Any additionnal money will expand the budget for the most amazing movie ever made (well we hope)!

This is amazing ! This is the dawn of a new era, an era where the fans have power over the studio ! (well you still need the studio’s aproval because they own the rights and all but still). Imagine the possibilities : funding a cancelled show to be renewed for an additionnal season, funding the project of an actor/director/producer or new unknown talents… It was already working in the music industry, now it’s up to the fans to help make the movies and tv shows they want ! I say POWER TO THE PEOPLE and POWER TO THE FANS !

I am amazed and kinda proud to be a part of this project… even though i donated only 0.000025% of the 2mil (yup that’s only 50 bucks! a big deal for a broke job seeker)

Keep donating, for this project or others, on and don’t forget to donate to charities too (because people keep b*tching about how fast this project got $2,000,000 when charities struggle to get less money so shut them up by doing both !)

Just for the record here’s what it looks like after 17hours :