don't panicYou might have noticed, after vampires, zombies are in ! They’re everywhere from the great Zombieland to the Walking Dead (which I still have to watch btw) so I decided to follow suit and bring this baby back to life !

I’ve been telling myself (for about a year and a half now) : “I HAVE TO WRITE ON MY BLOG” … and then well… life happened ! Apparently getting your MBA in just 3 semester is a little time & energy consuming ! Looking for a job in the US keeps you quite busy as well… and, well, going back to France because you didn’t succeed (damn Visas) and falling halfway into depression because of it isn’t exactly helpful! So … Here I am, jobless and trying to get myself back on tracks and I thought : let’s focus on what motivates you : a job and movies ! I try to do it more regularly than before but a highly motivated & participative readership will probably encourage me to publish more ! For my older audience : I deleted a few posts that I don’t like anymore but nothing major…

The new (and improved) formula of DOaMG does not include a ton of personal info, this is as bad as it gets ! DON’T PANIC ! But just to confuse you the first article after the resuscitation will be … about books!  Again don’t panic ! It’s about books that were made into movies !

HHGTTG banner

The first one, you might have guessed, is the HitchHicker’s Guide to the Galaxy (H2G2 for us geeks). I looooooved the crazy movie, mostly because of the cast of course, and thought to myself : the book might be even crazier ! So I tried it. So far I only read the first of the five books. I enjoyed it because even though the story is a lot like the movie, it is slightly different and far more descriptive about the history & little things about the universe.  The funny thing is, having seen the movie first, I would hear Alan Rickman’s voice when reading Marvin’s dialogues, or imagine the little presentations that come with the articles from the Guide ! It made it even more entertaining. The version I read also had interviews at the end explaining how the radio show-turned book series was difficulty made into a movie. Very interesting (though a little long) and made me want to watch the movie again just to appreciate it a little more ! I’m taking a break to read other books but I look forward to reading the remaining four… For those of you who don’t know that hilarious movie :

H2G2 Trailer

And for the books : Amazon – Kindle Edition


I then moved to read Jack Reacher. It’s a series of book (by Lee Child) now turned into a mini blockbuster with Tom “Scientology” Cruise. Read a few critics about the movie, saying it was ridiculous, that Jack Reacher was supposed to be this huge mountain of muscle, former military, who could kill you with his bare hands so fast you wouldn’t see it coming … so of course when they announced Tom “5 ft 7” Cruise as the lead people started criticizing! so I thought to myself : I’ll read it first and then watch the movie and make my own opinion  about it… Of course, I decided to read the first book of the series and the movie is based on the ninth book. To be honest, I first thought I was going to read the first, then the ninth and then watch the movie… well it was tough enough to finish the first book so I’m not sure I’ll read “One shot” . It’s not bad it’s just a little long and it feels like the story is almost over but you know you’re only one third into the book… The end  result is a very complex thriller with just the right amount of crime and conspiracy to make It work…  I’ll try and catch the movie this week end before it disappears off the screens. I’m not a huge fan of Tom so I might keep you posted on this one (check Twitter, not sure if it deserves a whole article… After this : Jack Reacher Trailer I’m pretty sure it won’t !)


After that I wanted something light … like really REALLY light ! So I went for the Nine Lives of Chloe King. I watched the ABC Family Show and remembered a friend told me she had read the books. It made me curious and even though the show was aimed at teenagers I liked it… I have this thing for ABC Family shows, they’re not that great, the story line is obvious, the actors are rarely charismatic but the stories are always kind of nice and at least you know what you’re gonna get plus  it helps relax your brains ! Anyhow, I’m now reading the three books (started Monday, probably going to finish by tomorrow … Told you it was light !) just to take a break and because I’m curious about it ends …

Edit : Finished Chloe King last night … First thoughts confirmed, if you’re over 15 you might want to consider other books. Spoiler alert : it ends exactly as you think it’s going to end.

Next in line are : Alex Cross, the Perks of being a Wallflower, World War Z (I might even finish The Zombie Survival Guide… somehow got stuck in the 10-page description of the various weapons …), the James Bond books, Games of Thrones, finish the last ten Sherlock Holmes stories to hold until Martin Freeman & Benedict Cumberbatch are back, I’ll probably read something about the knights of the round tables before watching Merlin again ! and finally read the last “Richard Castle” book the ultimate crossover between my TV screen & my bookcase … I’m still not sure about whether or not I like graphic novels but I’ll give it a try with Scott Pilgrim & Death Note… Yeah it will probably keep me busy for the next 6 months or so ! Thank god for Kindle & secondhand books !


Edit #2 : I followed with American Psycho. I loved the movie so i figure the book is better … well WRONG ! I lasted 150 pages so about 1/3 of book and I have to admit I’m impressed with myself ! There’s about 30 brands per page ! If you want to replicate Patrick Bateman’s life to the last detail you can (assuming all of the brands are real, I didn’t take the 27460 hours necessary to check !) … Also I’m no prude but there’s only so many times you can read c***, p**** and f*** !!! Veeery disapointed.

Don’t ask why but next in line was I am number 4. I guess it’s because it was the other way around : I was very disapointed by the movie so I figured the book can only be better. Well the storywas okay, a lot more complex in the book which makes a lot more sense in all the alien drama. The thing is, the final battle is long. Veeeeery long ! like 70 pages ! Not sure if curiosity will make me read The Power of Six….

Until next time !