Hello dear reader !

I’m Laura, a French 22 years old Business student who could be described as a movie… bulimic !

I love cinema and all there is about it : the movies themselves of course, but I particularly like what happens before and after a movie like advertisement, the selling strategies, choice of actors, behind-the-scenes/making-ofs and anything I can learn about a movie…

Most of my friends turn to me to ask questions about cinema and/or television shows and I thought why not share it with the world !

I chose to write in English because I watch most movies in their original language so the comments usually come to me in English for American movies. I’m not trying to be pretentious about being bilingual or anything, this is just me!

As for what’s up next I have no idea how to pick the first movie I’ll talk about… it’s tricky so make a list and start from the top ! I’ll try to comment movies as I watch them, I’ll probably throw in a few old movies in the middle and there will also be some article about news on actors & actresses I like/ Also, as I watch a lot of TV shows, these are bound to pop up from time to time…

My source is mostly IMDb, because it’s one of the most complete and user-friendly movie-website I’ve ever seen. French website Allociné sends regular infos to your email address if you subscribe correctly so these will show up too. Then, but much less often, there is an occasional Rotten Tomatoes and some random websites or official movie websites.

So there you go… I think I pretty much covered all of it… I hope you enjoy this blog, I’ll try to keep it updated regularly…

xoxo … Gossip girl … hum I mean  Laura !

PS : If you’re working in the cinema business, I’m currently looking for a job as an assistant (preferably producer’s assistant) ! Do not hesitate to ask for my resume !